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Sketches to Illustrations - The story comes to life!

Thanks to Maria Ballarin for her beautiful illustrations. She brought the characters and scenery to life better than I could have ever imagined! I'm so grateful for her partnership on this journey.

The whole illustration process has been amazing. After viewing several batches of gifted illustrators, it was Maria's art that captured my heart. Her whimsical, dreamy, and nostalgic impressions pull the reader and listener into the story and embrace them like a cozy quilt. Maria also delicately placed a small Celtic knot on some of the pages - kind of like a little treasure hunt. This is a story is for all ages - from 1 to 101!

Maria, I appreciate the gentle care you've provided for Patrick, Chauncey, and Aunt Kathleen. You are part of our family and a treasured gift! Thank you!

After months of editing, These photos are near the end of the proof process. Thanks to my editor Claire Pask for her keen eye and incredible coaching along the way. I always felt safe, encouraged, and inspired working with you Claire. I can't thank you enough! Welcome to the family my friend!

The other two photos shared here are my dad doing what he loves to do. Fish! That's him in the hills of Montana at his favorite fishing spot, taken by my husband, many years ago. The other is present day at his favorite fishing spot, taken by my niece, on Whidbey Island, WA.

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