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My last post was in September! Where did that time go? I'm sure most of us are asking the same question. It seems like just a bit ago the warm summer sun was on my face and the sound of flip flops clicked on my feet. The smell of everything was in bloom and the daylight extending well into the night.

September allowed summer to be a bit longer. October brought the wind to make the leaves dance off the trees till they were bare, while fall blew in boldly like it always does. November brought the shade down and shorten the daylight. December surprisingly remained warm for the winter but did tease us with a wet snowy day.

The calendar quickly flipped to the new year. January and February brought wet, cold, and slightly snowy days. Slowly, March is beginning to share little snippets of color and buds. Reminding us newness is coming. Oh Spring, how you've been missed!

Entering 2024, I took a surprise visit out of the country mid January. It was a much needed time embracing family overseas and helped me to pause and reflect about all the changes and routines 2023 brought.

For 2023 my word was practice . It's always a mystery to me how each intentional word every year will reveal itself and teach me.

One of those practices was the desire to paint. I never knew how therapeutic and healing it would bring me. As I currently view my art studio, it is filled with many versions of what has moved me through the year. Colors, shapes, splatter marks everywhere, no rhyme or reason. Just pure joy and unashamed exploration, diving into something so unknown that I never knew would be so freeing and natural.

I practiced in my own home studio for several months and then moved to a little art studio where I had the privilege to share space with my mentor. We never actually painted together. However, we entered into the same safe creative energy. The studio was a little white rustic out building. Whenever I'd unlock and open the little creaky studio door to enter, I'd smile and take a deep breath. The smell of the cool concrete floor, drying acrylic paints, and flowing colors on the walls fed my soul. I'm very grateful to have spent 3 months there. It was a beautiful sanctuary and launched me to find my flow and artistic style, which continues to evolve each time I approach the canvas. Always a mystery.

I'm back in my home studio and have finally settled into my niche. As I shared in my previous post, I'm choosing to lean into 2024 with curiosity. Learning new creative techniques, growing in confidence with my art and writing journey, launching my second book, as well as boutique possibilities. I am open!

What 2024 opportunities will present themselves to you this year?

Below is one of my latest 36x36 pieces that I just completed. I enjoyed every moment of the process. Sticking with just acrylic black and white paint was a little different for me because I've practiced with bold vibrant colors. Using a bigger paint brush and palette knife was freeing to glide across the huge canvas.



From an intentional word, Creates many.

Base colors and random drops, Brush strokes and swirls,

Layers of paint, gesso, and different palette knife swipes created,


"Opportunity" by Bridged Atkins

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