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"Curious" or "Curiosity"

Updated: Mar 13

Hello dear friends!

It's been some time since I've posted. The summer is quickly closing its chapter and we are beginning to feel the fall coolness on our faces and the smell of autumn is filling our lungs.

For some reason, I always get a little giddy about this time of year. Maybe it's because of the beginning of a new school year, as that has been my rhythm since the beginning of my life with my husband, an educator. Fall always brings a new perspective. A new word to focus on for the year, a reset button to structure and routine, and a launch to new beginnings.

I’ve shared that I’ve completed my second book. This year my goal is to send my manuscript in and work on getting it published. It’s a very vulnerable and exciting journey. As I write this post it makes me realize during my hiatus how much I love writing and how much I’ve missed it.

The Dream Tree book is available directly through me if you’re looking for a sweet baby gift, birthday gift, classroom gift, or for your own personal or children’s library. Email me at to order. I also, enjoy storytelling via zoom or in person to classrooms and children's reading groups.

Recently I wrote to a fellow artist friend, after meeting her at an art show in another part of Washington state, about a book I read about inspiration. (I made a few edits)

I just wanted to thank you again for taking the time to chat. I love these "divine appointments" as I like to call them. When life presents people on your path at just the right time. On our way over to Manson for the weekend I read a book out loud to my husband as we drove from the west to the east called "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert. It's an inspirational book that I highly recommend if you haven't read it already. As a writer myself, she inspired me in so many ways. We get stuck, scared, and find that fear can literally bind us up and prevent us from moving forward in our creativity. As a writer and new artist, I'm leaning into the unknown possibilities and allowing fear to ride in the passenger seat and not allowing it to take the wheel. We (myself and fear) are on this journey together. Doing anything new or out of the normal comfort zone is scary. Inspiration that is flowing through, will either ignite or flow through to the next human. Inspiration needs to be utilized and tended to in order to share with the world. That may sound a little wooie, however, it makes sense in a profound way.

Lots of opportunities are missed because we let fear take the wheel.

Why not be brave and put on that cape? Why not be curious?

Years and years of breathing belief in our children...

“You can do anything babe!”

“Go for it!”

“You got this!”

“I believe in you!”

“Of course you can!”

You’re never too old to do something new. "Go for it!" Why not be curious?

Exploring words as they fall onto a blank piece of paper to begin a story - the same thing happens while exploring color as they glide onto a blank canvas, the stories begin. Let inspiration flow freely. Don’t be afraid. You have much goodness to give and share. Someone needs to hear it.

I’ve kept track of the words I’ve focused on throughout the years which I started practicing in 2004. As the crisp Fall air changes, the candles, quilts, and fireplace warms my heart. I’ve enjoyed this ritual and unveiling a word that resonates. This year my word is Curious or Curiosity. Learning new things and discovering creative possibilities - leaning into my own confidence in my own art and writing journey as well as other boutique possibilities. Looking through experiences with curiosity and wonder ignites my 9 year old self to continue to walk with me. Together, we discover more with a playful heart.

Curiosity - by Bridged Atkins

I invite you to discover your own word to focus on this year. May it bring you change, encouragement, new discoveries, and joy.



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