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Joy is universal.

Joy is a smile.

Joy is a conversation.

Joy is a connection.

Joy is embracing.

Joy is a flower.

Joy is a child's giggle.

Joy is finding peace.

Joy is jumping in a mud puddle.

Joy is art.

Joy is winter, spring, summer, or fall.

Joy is facinating.

Joy is sorrow.

Joy is life.

Joy is heart.

Joy is real.

Joy is companionship.

Joy is the wind on your face.

Joy is rain on the leaves.

Joy is is the smell of fresh baked bread.

Joy is a candy store.

Joy is a dipped cone on a summer afternoon.

Joy is bike riding along the lake.

Joy is music to your soul.

Joy is windchimes dancing in the wind.

Joy is incense.

Joy is crossing the finish line no matter what place.

Joy is finding a lone lost sock.

Joy is sitting with a stranger and finding how much you actually have in common.

Joy is night jasmine.

Joy is sunrise and sunset.

Joy is star gazing.

Joy is holding hands in life and a life ending.

Joy is compassion.

Joy is passion.

Joy is color, vibrant or pastel.

Joy is poetry.

Joy is gratitude.

Joy is planting, sewing, and reaping the rewards.

Joy is the moon.

Joy is a newborn child.

Joy are grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Joy is breathing.

Joy is dancing.

Joy is enveloping.

Joy is discovery.

Joy is exploration.

Joy is a journey.

Joy is a village

Joy is laughter.

Joy is a blank canvas to color.

~Bridged Atkins

This latest painting is a word that forms into a flower - which morphed into rainbow.

I had fun using new tools, a palette, swirls, and splatters.

Always learning something new. It's freeing and joyful!

Thank you Grandpa Gene for your poetic inspiration. I love when poetry flows. It always makes me think of you. Cheers Big Papa!


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