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The Celtic Knot - Significant Connection

Early in our marriage, my husband and I exchanged eternity knot rings. The sterling silver rustic looking knot stretched all the way around the band with intertwined lines with no beginning or end. There was something about the eternity knot that resonated with both of us. Inspired by the intricate design and what it symbolized to us, we adopted this circle of love Celtic eternity knot as our family knot.

Years ago, at a gathering my husband and I attended, one of my dear friends Jeanne was wearing a silver Celtic eternity knot necklace. I inquired about it and told her that the knot was a special to me too. We chatted it up and quickly realized how much we had in common and our Irish heritage. At that moment we were forever connected and called each other Celtic sisters. She let me know where she found this treasure and shared her source.

A few weeks later, to my surprise, I was given a beautiful gift from her. A shiny sterling silver Celtic knot necklace just like hers. I was so touched by her thoughtfulness I welled up with tears. Love you Jeanne! I've cherished this necklace the moment I clasped it around my neck and have worn it close to my heart. It now shares a chain my jewelry artist daughter, Megan, replaced for me and it's now snuggled next to my YaYa and pearl charm given to me by my parents.

This Celtic eternity knot is rooted comfortably and securely in our family. It has been given to others in our Clan/Tribe and has been extended to the next generation.

One Christmas, my husband bought me a white gold ring the same as my necklace. The ring has five little diamonds nestled in it and the band is the Trinity knot that stretches up and carefully holds the Eternity knot. This ring has been on my right ring finger since the moment he put it on. When our daughters turned 16 years old, we gave them both the same kind of ring as mine but theirs hold four little rubies on the outside and a diamond in the middle.

I find it very interesting that over 25 years ago this knot connected me and The Dream Tree without me even knowing it. The eternity knot is what I always called it but I discovered it has another name called the Dara Celtic Knot. There are different variations of the Dara knot but this circular version drew me in. This particular knot comes from the Gaelic word 'Doire' (Oak Tree). To the Celts, it represented wisdom, power, strength, and leadership. The oak tree roots grounded them in heritage and inspired inner strength which continues to do so - centuries later.

In our family, the Dara knot represented the same as above and much more. Such as the seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall), the elements (earth, air, fire, and water), human connection (mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally), and of course love, integrity and loyalty (be wise, use good judgment, and do the right thing).

Back in 2004 we bought a new house and dedicated it our House of Grace. The following Christmas, our son carefully made a beautiful wooden Celtic knot for me. Of course I cried. It was displayed over our front door inside with the words House of Grace in English and Gaelic stenciled on the wall and framed the top and bottom of the knot. He also made one for my Dad and Mom - who are both the roots that planted our family so firmly in the ground. He made another one for our friend Jeanne - as a thank you and for friendship. This special knot is a connection of family and love that is never ending.

The significant connection of the Celtic Dara Knot meaning and creating The Dream Tree story is like discovering a buried treasure. It was there all the time and the two were meant to find each other.

There is a little treat when reading The Dream Tree story. There are tiny Celtic knots hidden in the colorful pages. I hope you enjoy the story and finding the tiny little treasures!

Thanks Mascot Books and Claire Pask for your guidance on this incredible journey.

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