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Second Edition - One of One

Our daughter Katie is an artist. Her latest craft is making hand bound journals with recycled materials and patience. I've always marveled at her ability to make something out of nothing. Odds and ends that one may discard, she will find and treat like gold. With her resourcefulness and self teaching she makes beautiful one of a kind masterpieces.

When I began this journey with Mascot Books in July of 2020, the goal date for the book in hand for The Dream Tree was my dad's birthday on March 17th 2021. We were so close! The books actually shipped out on March 17th.

So in the meantime, I commissioned our daughter to make a hand bound book for my dad to open on his birthday. Thanks to my amazing editor, I was able to get the spreads and print out the pages so Katie could create her one of a kind gem of a book. Carefully sewn, bound, glued, and made with love.

The beautiful part of this story is, Katie helped create the homemade first edition (4 of 4) and now the second edition (1 of 1). Thank you Katie and Claire for making this possible.

Happy 84th Birthday Popi!

More of Katie's hand bound journals made of a recycled materials.

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