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On a stroll through the crafty store Michael's, an older gentleman in the same paint isle as me, looked in my red basket full of paints and said, "That's a lot of acrylics. You should try oils." I smiled and shared, "I'm a beginner and have no idea what I'm doing." He explained to me a little on how oils work. I appreciated his input and let him know that I'm working my way through the different types of acrylic paints to get a feel for them and will try oils at some point. He asked me, "What kind of style of painting do you find enjoyable?" I said, "Abstract. It's so freeing! I write words on the canvas before the color, which helps set my intentions on directing my creativity." He smiled and said, "All Artists are abstract!" We both laughed. He then shared a little technique with me. He was holding a package of black permanent markers and explained how to write words on the canvas by overlapping the letters to create an abstract pattern and paint within and around the letters. I loved that idea and told to him I usually use paint but I will give it a try with the markers. I left the store with a basket full of color, more brushes, canvases, and new ideas!

The next day, I propped a larger fresh white canvas on the easel. I stared at the white and thought to myself, "What is this one going to look like?" I did know I wanted to have fun trying some different strokes and also wanted my favorite color green to pop off the canvas. Permanent marker to canvas, these words appeared.

Release. Joy. Love. New. Breathe. Begin again. Arms wide open. Live loud. Have fun!

The words made me smile and I was excited to swim in the colors and express what was moving through me.

Trust the process.

Be patient.

Step back and let the paint dry.

Relax and not rush.

Something different this go around.

Here I go!

Reflections about the process: Fun! So fun! After layers and layers, this bright piece is finally complete. I learned a few different techniques and more about myself. I think I tend to over think and get in my head. No need to compare to others. My style is my style, and I'm still discovering what that is. Overthinking is the complete opposite of intuitive painting. It should be freeing and calming.

My husband and I went to an Art walk the other night. We haven't been to our local monthly Art walk in forever! The studios we stepped into were inspiring and moving. I appreciated the conversations with the two specific Artists.

When I stood in front of their abstract pieces, I was pulled in and moved. Moved so much I got choked up talking with them and hearing their journey. One Artist said, "Don't give up! Keep doing what you're doing. Each painting teaches you something and you will find your flow and personal unique style. Enjoy the experience and keep painting."

Words I needed to hear at that moment.




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