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Little Girl Dreams - Podcast Interview with Brandon Ericson from Camano Voice

I had the honor of being interviewed by Brandon Ericson from The Camano Voice for a podcast chat. I was a bit nervous at first, stepping further into my dream, but within a few seconds, I was in my element of sharing life, travel, love, family, and what makes The Dream Tree story so special. A special thanks to Brandon for sharing time, space, and great conversation. It was an absolute pleasure.

I'm ready for Ellen, Oprah, and Kelly! Dreaming big!

I invite you to grab a cup of coffee or tea and listen to Brandon and my conversation. I hope you feel enlightened, encouraged, and know a little more about me.

Living, loving, laughing, and dancing!

Thanks for your love and support on this journey.

All the best,


Camano Voice Podcast - Part 1

Camano Voice Podcast - Part 2

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