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Home, Love, and Embracing

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Journal Entry: March 24th 2021

Sometimes I like to close my eyes and type while listening to music, the wind, sounds of the city in the background and the frogs that over power all the things that may distract. As I type this, I don’t care what is written wrong. I just let my fingers fly on the keys like a piano. It’s art in its own form.

A piano keyboard with ebony and ivory and a laptop keyboard with letters.

I’ve never played the piano but I’ve been moved how one can make beautiful music with a limited amount of keys and how the sound moves one to an emotional state.

My keyboard is with letters, numbers, crazy symbols that are a challenge to reach with your eyes closed (I peek) but the rhythm of typing is fluid as I imagine my dear childhood friend who is so gifted on the piano. Thanks Fritz for the childhood memories of listening to you practice before being able to go outside and play adventure in whatever world we wanted to explore. Thank you for your dedication and unending “practice” of making beautiful music.

I love to write. Freely without anyone telling me what is misspelled, grammar, or punctuation. It’s a free flow and freedom that brings tears to my eyes.

This evening, while wrapped up in my shawl on my back deck, I heard the frogs singing. A crisp evening with stars above. It took me back to all the places we’ve lived around the world and the sounds that spoke to us. Living in the PNW the frogs are always the greeting to “Hey people, guess what? Spring is here! Just wait, the cherry blossoms will be appearing, the buds of green on those dead twigs will come to life, the air will be sweet, and the sun will shine bright in the morning. Don’t fret. Our good night song to you will lull you to sleep. See you in the morning!”

Now, do they really say that? No, but it’s their way of letting us know it’s time to wake up! The cold, gray, dreary season is over. Wake up! Wake up! Get outside! Play! Live! Love!

So refreshing.

Breath in. Breath out.

These are the thoughts that flow from my mind to my fingertips this evening.

Home - Moore, Kline, Lincoln, Donovan, Park, Fruitland, Macha Gate, Sidi Bou Said, Mi Casa, Valhalla, to Lincoln - and all the places in between.

Home - Raising littles, growing, being, leaning in, leaping to the unknown, falling into, humility, expanding, liberating, comfort, peace, joy, grace, gratitude, roots, love, and all encompassing compassion. Family.

Through our travels we’ve always had some sort of tether home. When you’ve been out there, out of your untethered space, It’s literally like space. Like scenes you see in movies. It’s liberating, humbling, uncertain, and grounding. You learn to never take anything for granted.

Our life for 6 years was the anticipation of returning home. Hugs in the airport, train station, bus station, or cab ride to wherever our FamJam was.

Out there in “space” - home can seem so far away. When the tether pulls you in closer, your heart leaps. Arms open ready to receive and embrace. That is home.

Home - I literally believe is where your heart is. No matter where you are in the world. Those that surround you (near and far), embrace you, and love you - they are Home. Embrace them. Love them. I’m so thankful for the “family” that has surrounded us in our travels. Always in our hearts.

Breath in. Breath out. So many emotions when I see these photos from our comings and goings. So much we have all gained in more ways than we could have imagined.

Love. Gratitude. Creativity. Humility. Grace.

The song below is an anthem for me. No matter where you are on the globe. If you are far from home, at home, or looking to find home. I hope it stirs your soul and speaks to you.

Whenever this song comes on, I can’t help from crying. It’s so powerful and I find myself humbly on my knees. It's a poem of perseverance and love. Love is what we all need more of. Especially right now. Love is bigger, brighter, bolder, stronger, and doesn’t judge or put down. Love lifts. Love gives. Love learns. Love leans in. Love cares. Love listens. Love picks you up.

You can click on the link below to see Bono and Edge singing to a crowd on the porch of a beach house without the huge concert arena. Intimate and moving.

Lyrics from "Love is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way" - By U2 from Songs of Experience Album

The door is open to go through

If I could I would come, too

But the path is made by you

As you're walking start singing and stop talking

Oh, if I could hear myself when I say

(Oh love) love is bigger than anything in its way

So young to be the words of your own song

I know the rage in you is strong

Write a world where we can belong

To each other and sing it like no other

Oh, if I could hear myself when I say

(Oh love) love is bigger than anything in its way

If the moonlight caught you crying on Killiney Bay

Oh, sing your song

Let your song be sung

If you listen you can hear the silence say

"When you think you're done

You've just begun"

Love is bigger than anything in its way

Love is bigger than anything in its way

Love is bigger than anything in its way

Thank you U2!

A photo I took on a trip to Ireland in 2011 with my Love. Full moon over Dún Laoghaire not far from Killiney Bay. What a beautiful site to see.

Grateful to have my feet on the land my Popi's family came from. I'm kissing the granite while on a walk at St. Kevin's Monastery in the hills of Wicklow, Ireland.

My Popi hadn't visited Ireland. This was my way of connecting HOME to him.

Then 8 years later, in 2019, his feet hit the ground to his homeland for the first time. Dreams do come true!

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