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Words are Powerful

Our youngest (twin) daughter is a wife, artist, musician, singer, P.E. teacher, coach, writer, poet, gardener, animal lover, and empath.

Katie has a gift with words. She is the pen to paper writer that I admire.

As a Mama Bear, life is spent breathing wisdom-oxygen into our cubs - from the moment we feel that kick or look into their eyes and hold them into our arms. At that moment, we fall deeper in love with them more than we could have ever imagined.

A Mama Bear does all she can do to inspire their cubs as they grow up. "Dig deep, dream big and to go for it!" - "It's OK, you can do it!" - "I believe in you!" - "Way to go!" - "I'm so proud of you!" - "I love you baby!"

It's when little notes come back to you - that take your breath away. When your kids, no matter how old they are, inspire you to keep pressing forward. They, breath wisdom-oxygen into you.

I'm thankful for the many notes and words from my kids throughout the years. The scribbles on paper to heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness. They always tear me up and there are no words to describe the amount of love I have for each them. It's profound, precious, and beautiful.

Thank you Petunia (Katie) for you love notes throughout the years. This one inspired me to get on with it and take flight with my little girl dream. - These wisdom-oxygen words are sewn into my life quilt. I LOVE YOU!

I Love you my sweet Petunia! Isn't it weird you're you?

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