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This painting is just a party!

It started off with blue, terracotta, white, and gold. Clearly, it didn't end with the same colors.

During the process, I felt as if I was forcing something to happen.

I had to step back, silence the committee in my head, close my eyes, breathe, listen to music, and let the flow of the paints and brush move me.

Be patient.

I selected different colors that wanted to pop and be displayed on the canvas. After a few different versions of color combinations, this is what resonated and came to the surface.

Note to self and constant reminder, I just needed to stop thinking so much and lean into the fun and joy of free painting.

As the last swipe and dot of paint hit the canvas, this piece made me smile. It's a celebration of life, laughter, dancing, swirls, lines, circles, squares, crazy color, and nonsense. My inner child had a blast!

The photo is a bit grainy and doesn't capture the textures and brilliant colors as much as I hoped it would. I've taken several photos in different light and each time the hues in the photos are changed. Kind of cool!

Cheers to abstract fun and playfulness!


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